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Below you will find details of some of our upcoming spiritual courses and workshops.

Stay tuned to this page for new workshops, events and courses throughout the year.

Awakening Your Spiritual Gifts

A 6 Week Introductory Course for Beginners and Those on a Path of Greater Awakening

In this beginners introductory series we begin to explore the nature of energy, consciousness and spirituality, and how to awaken your intuitive, psychic and healing gifts.

  • How to work with energy and expand your intuitive senses

  • How to protect your energy field and work with your guides

  • How to discern true spiritual guidance, evidence and information

  • How to expand your sensing abilities and trust your inner guidance

  • How to work more closely with your guides, angels and helpers

Coming Soon
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The Soul's Journey of Awakening

Join Us for this Engaging 6 Week Spiritual Development and Empowerment Series

Where each week we’ll explore different themes relating to your own spiritual growth, empowerment and awakening. Including:

  • The path of initiation in revealing your unique spiritual gifts

  • How to awaken more of your sacred ‘soul self’

  • How to find greater clarity, purpose and direction on the path

  • How to activate and your psychic, intuitive and spiritual talents

  • How to take back your power and own your spiritual destiny

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Claiming Your Sacred
Spiritual Power

An 8 Week Intermediate Level
Spiritual Development and Empowerment Series

In this new series of spiritual development, growth and empowerment classes, we begin a deeper and more immersive journey into the realm of working with your energy, purpose, presence and spiritual power. 

  • How to connect more deeply with true guidance

  • The sacred path to uncovering your spiritual gifts

  • How to build greater confidence, trust and belief 

  • How to awaken more of your innate spiritual power

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