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A Sacred Gathering and Awakening into the Energy of 22/2/22

Join Us for this Special Gathering and FREE Online Spiritual Forum as We Welcome the Energy of 22/2/22  and Awaken it for the Highest Good of All

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On Tuesday 22nd February 2022 we will be greeted by a very special and prominent date in the Earth’s spiritual evolutionary cycle.

This day will see the awakening of a portal of spiritual energy that heralds the calling for us ALL to …

‘Be Truthful and Authentic to Self and Others’


The Heralding of a New Consciousness on Earth ...
In many ways it will be the heralding of a new energy and consciousness on Earth for those that are ready to move further through the ‘Fire Gateway’ and to experience a greater initiation at this time.

So, if you’re looking to:
•    Expand your connection and awaken a deeper spiritual consciousness
•    Discover your spiritual blueprint and more of your true purpose on Earth 
•    Acknowledge more of your true essence and soul mission at this time

Then come and join us for a FREE online TELOS Zoom gathering


Together on the night we will ...

•    Hold the space for greater healing for our planet, ourselves and all beings

•    Open a sacred forum for spiritual discussion, transformation & change

•    Connect deeply with the Higher Self and align to the Christ Consciousness

•    Explore the release of  'soul conditioning' that limits our highest truth

•    Experience initiation and activation of your sacred mission and contract

When:       Tuesday 22nd February 2022

Where:      Online via Zoom

Time:         7.30PM - 9PM (AEDST)

Investment:  FREE

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