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5 Essential Principles for Expanding Your Spiritual Practice

No matter where you are on your spiritual path the adoption of a daily, weekly, or monthly spiritual practice is essential for our overall growth and development.

In our modern world of fast microwave cooking, instant delivery, and 24-hour on-call access it can be easy to believe and to wish for our spiritual development to be instantaneous. And while the consciousness of humanity has ascended over the years and many are being awakened at an even greater pace them before, it is in the quiet moments of contemplation, reflection, and meditation that we often find that our spiritual purpose, presence, and power grows.

And it is here that we are reminded that in spiritual monasteries of the past people practiced their craft with great depth, commitment, and resolution. Afterall, the path of the ‘Master’ was not one of fleeting moments of development and connection, but more so a deep and engaging relationship with the Divine built up over many lifetimes of dedication, commitment, and practice.

So, what can we do today to expand our spiritual craft? How can we begin to go deeper with Spirit and reap the rewards of our ‘Spiritual Practice’?

We’re glad you asked!

Just recently we had the opportunity to interview and speak with guest medium and spiritual teacher Gaylene Brill about the nature of spiritual development and the key elements that helped her students develop over many years of dedicated growth with the Spirit world.

Here are 5 of the core spiritual principles for accentuating and developing your spiritual practice that we discussed:

Spiritual Protection

When beginning your journey into deeper spiritual work it is important to begin a practice of spiritual protection and hygiene. Just as in the physical world there is day and night, good and bad, right and wrong, so too in the spiritual world there are energies that can be of a lower vibration that gravitate to the light.

Working with a good spiritual teacher and sitting in a group under tutelage will help you learn and develop the keys for maintaining good spiritual hygiene that may include, learning how to open and close your energy field; learning how to cleanse and seal your aura; learning how to work with symbols and guides to protect, clear and cleanse your energy field.

Should we specifically and intentionally call in the energy of protection when doing this work? Well, according to spiritual teacher and medium Gaylene Brill the answer is YES. And in many ways, we should always affirm that we will only work with energies that are of the highest vibration and intention.

So, before you begin your practice today, make sure to call in the light, call in the protective loving presence of the Divine and affirm your spiritual protection.


When we sit to do spiritual work or to grow and enhance our spiritual gifts, intention is a vital tool in our arsenal. Intention brings focus, clarity, commitment, and accomplishment. And while we may not know what the greater path is for our spiritual development, we need to work with our guides, teachers, and masters in the spirit world to set the scene, to direct our energies, and most of all to ensure that our focus and energy is directed to what is most important for our development at this time.

Consistency & Commitment

Developing your spiritual gifts takes practice, commitment, and discipline. While these are words that not every spiritual initiate or student wants to hear (after all, don’t we all want the quick fix?), the reality is that building a deeper and more trusting connection with your spirit guides and helpers takes time.

While many look at Beethoven or artists such as Bruno Mars or Michael Jackson as having an innate gift, what we often fail to see is the hours of practice, rehearsals and dress performances that have been done before mastering their craft.

The reality is that if you want to get good at anything it’s going to take some investment of your time, energy, and money. So, if you want to further your development – find a good teacher, sit in a regular development class, commit to your classes and development for at least 12 months.


How is prayer connected with spiritual growth and development? And should we pray as part of our practice? (You can learn more about the Power of Prayer and different forms of prayer here)

Prayer helps us invoke and bring in the energy of the Divine, God, and Source into our daily practice. Prayer can help us protect our energy field, banish lower energies, heal aspects of our life and soul that need restoration. Prayer is powerful and even if you are an atheist, it helps to believe in something or someone beyond yourself.

In fact, stage and television medium John Edwards wrote a book on praying the Rosary, a practice that he says he often still does before appearing on any stage or platform.

So, the next time you begin your spiritual practice choose a single prayer that you believe in, that holds great energy and possibility for you. Make this a vital part of your daily practice and you will begin to condition your spiritual helpers and team to know that you are ready to do the work.

Energetic Alignment and Blending

When we begin spiritual practice, we need to understand that the core of what we are doing is blending energy between ourselves, our source and spirit. This blending can only take place when we are intentional and committed to our practice. As your guides, angels and helpers get to know you and you get to know and trust their frequency and energy you will gradually learn to come into alignment with your higher spiritual self, and this is where the real experience begins.

How can you lift and align your vibration to be more in tune with your guides and helpers? Play music; smell a rose; hold a crystal; use your voice to sing or incant; dance and move; breathe with purpose; say a prayer or affirmation. Most of all hold the intention and expectation for a greater opening and awakening of your spiritual channel.

Spiritual Integrity

In a world where there are so many scams, false prophets, and charlatans, we are guided to learn and understand that our words and intentions have tremendous power. Seek to share, inspire, and uplift people always from your heart. Your words and inspirations should always seek to leave people better than you found them.

Work from a pace of spiritual integrity where you honour the truth of your being and seek to ignite a greater sense of discernment in your choice of experiences, friendships, and activities. Follow the golden rule of ‘Do unto others as you would have done unto yourself’.

Remember also that you are here to heal and transcend your karmic energy. This does not mean you have to carry your burdens with you for lifetimes. Indeed, in this holy instant you can ask for the grace of the Divine to release and set you free from all past-life and this life experiences that no longer serve your soul.

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