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How to Develop a Deep State of Intuition & Trust

Each of us are highly sensitive beings on a journey to discover the full extent of our great intuitive capacity.

Do You Trust Your Sense of Clear Inner-Knowing?

Each of us are highly sensitive beings on a journey to discover the full extent of our great intuitive capacity. And we are discovering that we now have access to a dynamic and engaging sense of personal intuition that is seeking to guide us towards our highest good in each moment. Yet learning to trust and follow this inner-guidance requires trust, faith, self-belief and most of all a sense of inner-discernment.

Maybe you have also experienced those moments in life where you just knew without a shadow of a doubt that something was either true or untrue? Claircognizance or our inner-sense of ‘clear knowing’ is not a gift that is reserved for just a privileged few. It’s a gift that we all have access to and can learn to connect with in each moment.

“Lean not on anyone. You need no outer props or reassurances, for you have all deep within you. … When you know something from within, nothing or no one from without can shake it. It is something that is so real to you, it would not matter if the whole world went against you, telling you that you were wrong. … That is the joy and strength of inner-knowing. It is what can give you peace which passes all understanding.” – Eileen Caddy

Why Clear Knowing is Important

In a world where it is easy to buy into the opinions, beliefs and judgements of others we are all being challenged to go within and seek to find our own inner-state of peace and guidance. This inner-state is something that can be activated at will, it is an energetic way of being that has the capacity to help you open-up to new levels of wisdom, understanding and guidance, should you choose to be willing to accept it.

The greatest truth that you must learn to discern and accept is your own truth.

We must start to trust, know and believe that we all have access to our own inner-state of higher-guidance, a powerful and connected source of energy that has the presence to guide us and lead us forward in each moment.

When You Know that You Know

We’ve all had those serendipitous moments where we simply know that something is true or going to happen. While we’re always receiving intuitive insight, the key is learn how to create a pattern of trust that enables our highest good to flow in each moment.

So, glance at the following checklist and see if any of these patterns relate to you:

  • I am aware of the subtle feelings in my body that tell me when something is right or wrong for me.

  • I can step back from situations and become the neutral observer that sees all sides of the picture without being caught in judgement.

  • I can separate my emotions and feelings from those of others, and in doing so I am aware of what the situation or event is trying to share with me.

  • I trust my inner most feelings and gut reaction. I know when I feel a sense that something is not quite right with a situation, event or person.

  • I can discern the truth for my own soul. I can clearly discern what are other people’s projections, judgements and beliefs without being attacked or becoming a victim of their thoughts.

  • I can take back my power and honour my own spiritual authority. In doing so I know that everything I need is within me and that I have the emotional, spiritual and mental intelligence to stand up for myself and know what is right for me.

Finding Your Centre

I often remember the times that as a child, my father would take me to the local park for a ride on the small ‘merry-go-round’. It almost seemed that the faster the wheel got, the dizzier I became.

In our lives, we can often find ourselves on the treadmill or wheel of life spinning around in circles at a fast rate. It’s at these times we are reminded to stop and come back to centre to connect with our higher-self guidance and be present to the great wisdom within.

We are reminded that often our quest for ‘busyness’ is an unconscious pattern trying to keep us separate from going within and facing the truth of our own being.

Yet when we consciously embrace the courage to stop, go within and connect, the door way is often opened to the wisdom and intuitive insight needed to solve our greatest life issues.

In many ways we have the key to all the answers that we will ever need, within us. We just need to find our grounding, stability, presence and courage to open the door and move through it in peace.

That’s why in the ‘merry-go-rounds’ of our lives, when we simply go to the centre of the wheel, to the hub that binds all the spokes, here we have the capacity to find our true selves again.

Here we become conscious to the great presence of intuitive insight that already awaits and beckons us forward.

For in the centre of the wheel, time stops, there is no dizziness, we become one with the movement of life and we open-up our path to the great insight and wisdom that exists within.

Go to your centre when you are stressed or not at peace, and here you will find the presence to trust, believe and connect with your true higher guidance.

Developing Your Sense of Clear Knowing

Trusting your own sense of inner-guidance is a process that must be developed over time. Just like in developing a loving and nurturing relationship, we must learn to trust, honour and build up a channel of communication with our higher-self intelligence.

Here are 8 Ways You Can Deepen Your Inner-Trust Today

Give Your Knowing an Identity

Children often talk to imaginary friends as a way of communicating with their unbounded sense of creativity and imagination. When you give your sense of knowing an identity it helps you to establish a formal relationship with your ‘inner-knowing’. Whether you choose to call your ‘inner-knowing’ Merlin, the great oracle, the wise master or simply my higher-self, naming and identifying your inner-voice of truth will help you connect with it on an even deeper level.

Ask to Receive Specific Signals When You are Right

Because our body is an energetic system it is constantly giving us energetic feedback about our environment. If you have ever walked into a house or a party and had a sense of unease then you have connected with your intuitive intelligence. The key however is learning to trust and follow this guidance when it comes.

Often when I am doing energetic readings or healing sessions with clients I will feel what I call my ‘intuitive shiver’, a powerful stream of energy that runs down my body that indicates that what I have either said or shared is my truth. Learning to trust and follow these subtle yet powerful signs is a must when you are expanding your consciousness and intuitive sensitivity.

Learn to Discern Ego from Spirit

Trusting your inner-knowing will call on you to be able to distinguish the voice of your true spirit and higher-self from that of the ego. This is a learning process that will evolve over time. The key is to learn to ask your intuitive voice the following questions:

  • Is this insight coming from love or fear?

  • Is this guidance from the light?

  • Is this guidance demanding or encouraging of my spirit?

Remember true intuitive and higher-guidance will never tell you what to do. It will never leave you feeling disempowered or fearful. True guidance is supportive, encouraging, sometimes forthright and commanding, but never condescending or limiting.

Start using the statement ‘I know …’

One of the fastest ways to expand your sense of trust is to simply begin using the words ‘I know…’. Think of a situation that you require guidance on and then take out a sheet of paper. Then simply write the beginning of this sentence and then fill in the gaps on what you know about the situation. Keep repeating ‘I know …’ and keep writing answers. You may be surprised to see what your deeper consciousness already knows and understands about the situation.

Anchor Your Knowing into Consciousness

Intuitive insight requires affirmation. It requires a constant acknowledgement of the moments when you trusted your inner-knowing and followed its guidance. So today, take a moment to reflect on some of the moments in your life where you simply ‘trusted YOU’. As you take time to acknowledge each of these moments you may want to ‘anchor’ it into your physiology and consciousness by repeating a mantra such as ‘I trust my inner-knowing fully and completely’, by slapping your chest with a hand and repeating the mantra, or by simply making a fist and saying the word ‘yes’. Anchoring your intuition into consciousness is a powerful step towards realising your own self-mastery.

Trust Your First Instincts

Research by the Heart Math Institute has shown that the human heart has the capacity to intuit and sense information at a faster capacity than the mind. In fact, your heart intelligence often lets you know the answer to a question or situation milli-seconds earlier than the brain can even interpret the information. The challenge however is most of us discount or ignore the first instinct and feeling that we have.

Trusting your inner-knowing will call on you to be present to your own physical being, the inner-signals that your soul, spirit and heart is providing you in each moment. However, its not enough to just acknowledge the signals, we then need to find the inner-courage to act and respond on them.

Build Faith Through Acknowledgement

Have you ever noticed how professional dog trainers use biscuits as a reward for good behaviour? While some people may baulk at the traditional theory of stimulus and response that is part of Pavlovian conditioning, the reality is that we humans are not to unlike our four-legged friends when it comes to motivation and behaviour.

Why is this important to developing your inner-knowing? Because the more we acknowledge the moments that our intuition is on-track, when we have those clear answers and knowing, the stronger our intuition becomes. True faith after all is built through our experiences. The more we celebrate, congratulate and reaffirm the moments where we made great decisions, trusted our instincts and follow our intuition – the stronger our intuition becomes.

Turn Up the Volume on the Radio Channel

The final key to accentuating your intuitive inner-knowing is to realise that your capacity to intuit and sense information in each moment is akin to tuning into a radio station in the dark. While you may not see the actual channels on the radio, through feeling and trust you can begin to turn the dial and find a station. As you get closer to that station you make even finer adjustments to the radio dial until you have a clear, audible signal that cannot be denied.

Finding the Optimal Path to Enlightened Living

This is what is like to become attuned. To trust in your inner-spirit. It is a process of transformation where you are being called to release the control that the ego has had over you, and where you begin to allow your inner-consciousness, your inner-knowing to be your guide.

And the real blessing is that the more you begin to trust and follow your inner-knowing, through discernment and right action, the closer you come to realising your destiny with grace ease and lightness, and then …

‘Inner-knowing becomes your optimal path to true enlightenment and fulfilling your destiny on Earth’
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