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Messages from Spirit: Your Questions Illuminated

Here are some responses to some of the great questions that arose during our 'Messages from Spirit' afternoon with Ananda Yoga on 29th April 2023.

Will I find my path soon?

Dear one, you are already on your path. This path that maybe has not fully resulted in the true experience or fulfilment you would have longed for is the path that is unfolding for you now. Saying that, this does not mean that you need to stay where you are if it is not serving you. However, we feel there has been some ‘settling for the status quo’ and unconscious need for safety and security that has maybe kept your from fully exploring and experimenting with other paths. The choice to create your life anew is in your hands. So, what will you choose left, right or staying where you are? And if you see no paths ahead that is often because you have allowed yourself to limit the amazing and immaculate possibilities of this universe that has so many different options for humans to enjoy and experience. If that is the case, then choose to ‘play’ with a few options and see which excites your heart … and then very soon you will ‘feel’ the path that resonates best for you.

Who do I choose?

Always follow your heart and your intuition. Sometimes you might feel afraid or worry that you are losing your comfort zone. Happiness is always associated with big changes and courage. Do not allow your mind and logic take over your feelings.

What’s is it like on the other side?

How many lifetimes do we have to answer this question? For this is a big question and the experience for each soul will be different depending on the incarnation, the soul plan, and the higher order. Yet on the ‘otherside’ a you call it (as for us it all energy and all one in the same apart from its frequency, resonance and vibration), there is a limitlessness and vastness that human experience cannot fathom. While all of you know what it is like to be a vessel of light without being, in the spirit world there is a commonness and oneness that is born of the great spirit and source from which all was created. In this dimension judgement and separation does not exist. We are unique in our soul expression, yet we are one with all. Beings in this world are also transitory as some incarnate again and others prepare for their next assignment, while other still choose to become teachers, guides and supports for those on the physical. So, we can choose to think of it as a combination of spiritual preparatory school and a very busy rail way station with souls arriving, departing and journeying.

Have I lived before?

Ah dear one. You have lived more than once. Your soul has progressed over many lifetimes and incarnations to be where you are. You have travelled well indeed as we say. Yet to you in this world it may feel like this is all there is a beginning and an end, we encourage you to open your awareness that this life is but a momentary parenthesis () in time. You seek validation of this and we say ask your spirit guides and helpers for signs of these previous incarnations and lives. Maybe you find yourself drawn to a country such as Greece or a city like Rome? Maybe you can’t understand why a certain food or accent, or smell appeals to you. These are often signs that one has had previous incarnations and longing. So, ask yourself where do I feel most at home? Most comfortable? Most at peace and there you may find a connection to the lives you seek to understand.

Are you with me when I photograph?

I am always with you, particularly when you take photograph. You are watching through my eyes. Make sure you will always clean the lens, and remember how I was pedantic about it. It is time to pick up a brush and start to paint as well. I will help you on this journey of creativity and illumination that you are called to follow at this time.


We feel your heaviness and longingness when you mention this word. For few on the Earth plane would willingly want or ask for ‘trauma’ in their lives, and yet everyday we see how on your planet people experience these moments of loss, chaos, tragedy and upset. While you may yell to the heavens – why me? Know that these experiences are not retribution or karma for the past. They are simply what they are. Their power to impact your life is in how you choose to experience and go through them. And so today we bring you courage to find your voice, strength to leave the situations and rise beyond those people and places that no longer serve your soul. And protection to know that we in the spirit world will guide and help you if you should pray and ask for our help in uncertainty. Also make sure to seek help and support from your friends and those around you, for they will hold the space for this time to pass as it should.

What do you get for me going to Canada?

This is quite a move for you and yet there is a sense that it has been contemplated for some time. Yet doubt and uncertainty still steps in the way to some extent. For there seem to be mixed feelings, a foot in each camp as we would choose to say. While the heart longs for more, the head that wishes for safety, security remains grounded in the presence. There is a saying ‘throw your heart over the bar and the body will follow’. We cannot fully begin to know the extent of an experience until we leap. There is in reality no failure, no wrong choices for these are human constructs, where as in the world of your higher self and spirit, there is simply which path brings me the most joy, which resonates with my soul, which calls my spirit. Saying this your Canadian path and experience will be dependent on where you choose to reside, for the energies are very different across this country. While we see a time spent on the west coast, the energy of your spirit may call on you to move closer to the east. It will be important to build relationships here for we see that some isolation could be a factor (separation from family). Yet the overall experience will be what you choose it to be and there seems to be a role unfolding where you may find yourself teaching, sharing or imparting insight to others. If allowed a greater love relationship can flourish here.

What happened to my mother?

Due to the more personal nature of this question. Please reach out us via direct message or email. As it will be much better to connect in with your energy and see if a more personal reading is needed.

What guide/spirit is looking over me?

We have two guides assigned before our reincarnation. They are always around us, you and taking care of you. The Guardian Spirit is the one who has travelled with you probably through the last few past lives. They are responsible for your wellbeing and your spirituality. Another is your Door Keeper who is responsible for your actions, your personality, and your safety during your sleep patterns. Befriend them, talk with them and ask for their help and protection any time you need it.

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