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Messages from Spirit: Your Words of Wisdom

Here are some of the core messages and words of inspiration from our recent 'Messages from Spirit' afternoon at Ananda Yoga on the 29th of April.


Creativity is part of your essential nature. It is your place of flow. Yet lately you may have found yourself holding back fully from this flow. You may question where this energy is and has gone, yet this passion and love still exists. The energy of Michael is beside you as you choose to create. Do not hold back. It is time now for your heart to be fully free, to release all pain, grief, loss and fully surrender to the new spirit that seeks to awaken in you. Keep progressing with your creative projects for they bring you close to ultimate peace and the life you long to live.


How you long to know the true purpose and direction for your soul. While you search here and there, we ask have you been looking within your heart or outside of yourself? We know that this is a cliché, yet there is an aspect of all souls that truly know where they should head in each moment. The key to this door way is stop listen deep and trust your inner-voice, your higher-voice. Feel into the energy of the two pathways before you. Which brings you joy? Which brings you most alive? In which scenario do you feel most alive? Remember the path of greatest joy and aliveness may not be the easiest path to choose, yet if it feels good to you and aligns with your soul, go forth and explore it.


You are one that is already in great alignment with the creativity of your soul and being. There are many ideas, thoughts and inspirations that come – but which to choose? The universe supports you in your creative desires when you take action and follow the impulses that flow through you. To stagnate and be caught in the rational mind stifles creativity. Make some time each week to honor your creative spirit. Take that time to have an artist date with yourself – to honor the self – to express that gift. Create that ornament; plant that garden; write that verse; sing that song; play that game. And soon you will find that your soul becomes more alive and at peace. Enjoy your journey dear one.


Ah this is such a good topic for us to share on. For few pay attention to the Self, and yet it is the source of all your happiness, joy, fulfilment and abundance. Lately we feel your energy has been dispersed here and there. It is often overtaken by others demands or expectations on of your time and so you may find it hard to truly honour the self. But we encourage you to know that self-awareness, self-care, self-love and self-compassion are the cornerstones of freedom in this universe. While you may find it challenging to look in the mirror and fully love and appreciate all parts of yourself – we encourage you to do so anyway. Afterall if you do not appreciate your own being – who else will appreciate the preciousness that you are.


This is a big word for such a little amount of time we have to respond. Life is a journey that you have to some degree planned with your soul guides, council and guardians. While you have free choice in each moment to choose as you wish there will be times of great joy and jubilation on the hills of the mountains, while there will also be moments of sadness, grief and isolation in the valleys. This is the essence of living, the law of duality that light cannot exist without darkness, day without night, and hills without valleys. No matter where you are on your journey, embrace gratitude where you can. Ask for the lessons within each experience. And know that you are simply here to ‘experience and experiment’ without the limitations of judgement or karma.


Yes, they do exist, and while we all have soul mates and collectives that have aligned with us on the soul and physical levels, what you truly seek within is your twin flame – the one that gets you, the one that appreciates you, the one that loves you on all levels and feels most at peace with your energy and spirit. Do not give up the quest for this connection. For you attract that which you are. So the more that you work on yourself to love self, value self, be at peace with self and to honour the attractiveness of self, the more you will ALLOW your spiritual partner, your twin flame to unfold.


We all long for purpose in our lives, yet we forget that on the soul level some of us have incarnated many thousands of times into different physical bodies and vessels, into different lifetimes and genders. So then what becomes the greater purpose of life than to simply ‘grow and evolve’ the soul. Therefore as we say, do not seek your purpose, but go and find what brings you fully alive and go and do that, for in the moment you are alive your purpose is already with you. If you love painting, then pain. If you love science, then do research; If you love swimming, then go swim. If you love movies then go watch one or learn to act. Your soul is always reflecting back to your purpose through joy in each moment. So stop comparing yourself to others who ‘seem’ to have found theirs, and instead start living fully in each moment.


Oh what a beautiful word you choose for us today. This excites us on so many levels for the human species has forgotten what it is like to step beyond the physical and experience their infinite, unbounded potential without limits. Euphoria is the energy of the universe being emanated from source in its purity and being. While you may long to immerse and surrender yourself to this feeling know that your true work and impact is needed on Earth now. So you will be called to connect with this energy, but to learn to ground it in the physical through your writing, creativity, sharing and groups. It is wise while one has their head in the clouds, to also have both feet firmly planted on the Earth.

Soul Relationship

This is a mutual bond between partners, children, other members of family and friends. Usually, we are choosing our immediate family and friends before reincarnation. The purpose of reincarnation is to develop on spiritual plane and learn from experience on Earth. We know that you long to experience a true spiritual soul relationship on many levels. While you may look for this in the ‘one person’ as your society has been conditioned to believe. Please know and understand that there are many who will be drawn into your life that resonate with your soul and spirit and with who you have shared these bonds before in previous lives. Therefore look for the joy, love and connection in all your personal relationships and then you will come to know yourself well, as every relationship reflects back to us what we most need to learn, love and accept in ourselves.


Your path is in effect your destiny. Your blueprint of your journey this time on Earth. When you experience synchronicity, it means you are walking your path, you are on your journey you personally planned before your birth. It is important in this life to keep taking one step forward at a time. Do not try to focus on the full picture or outcome. Instead learn to discern and trust yourself in each moment. As you learn to lead with the heart and trust your instincts, then you will progress forward, and then as you look behind you, you will see the path that you alone have created. The path that is unique to your soul journey. So, trust. Have faith. Believe. And take one step at a time.


Your career is simply the way you would choose to express the way you wish to live, work and create. It is choosing the way you want to live. Simply, you provide your expertise and time for reward and money. Its, much easier if you follow your callings and passions, otherwise you may feel trapped, stagnant or unhappy. Therefore, our encouragement to you is to attune yourself to the work that brings you alive. The work that brings you joy. And most of all look at the impact that your soul wants to make in this lifetime. For your resonance and life has a distinct calling and purpose. You will see this in the tasks and activities that bring you joy, and where you have the greatest opportunity to align your unique skills, talents and abilities in order to provide the greatest contribution to humanity.


How you long for the connection and wisdom of this loved one. Yet there energy and presence is always around you, like a loving sister that has not forgotten who you are, the difference you made and the love you shared. There is a deep wisdom in this soul for her energy brings to you the recognition that you were not born to live and lead this path alone. The colour yellow comes forth to symbolise that there is a bond and affinity. In many ways we are reminded of the energy of ‘Mother Mary’ that symbolically represents and affiliation with Grace, Bliss, Blessings. With a motherly quality like nurturing family, bringing love, unity into family. Represents strong compassion and empathy to other human beings.


We all have Spiritual Guides on the other side helping us during our soul journey on Earth this time around. Ask and you shall receive it. In choosing this word you are being encouraged to trust and believe more deeply in the presence of your spiritual helpers at this time. Is this not why you attend this event today? But to discover the ‘buzz’, ‘excitement’ and ‘energy’ that knows there is a team of loving protective and wise beings that overseas your life journey. The keto building this connection is to sit in dedicated spiritual development and practice that would allow you to raise your energy and vibration and most importantly build and grow the trust that is so needed in your belief of us at this time.


You have come to this word because over the last period of 6 months to 1 year there have been some niggling challenges and issues. How the soul and body wants and longs to be healthy. Clearing and cleansing is needed now, especially through the digestive system. Seek out the wise holistic practitioners and helpers that can support you on this journey weather that be naturopaths, healers, Chinese Medicine or traditional medicine. Take time to meditate and bring the energy of healing light to those parts of your being that need healing and restoration. Remember in the etheric plane there is already a divine blueprint of your body – whole, perfect and complete. So ask for this blueprint to be made manifest in your cells, DNA and physical structure for perfect, Divine health. This word is associated with balancing your Body, Mind and Spirit. To keep healthy is important and this requires practising self care, doing meditation, connecting with nature and exercising a couple of days every week.


Work can be rewarding if you follow your passions and goals, it can make you happy or it can lead to dissatisfaction. It is simply the exchange of energy between people in return for reward or money. There is a greater calling for the work and contribution that you are here to make in this world at this time. This is why you seek a higher and greater path to self-actualisation and self-fulfilment. However, there are also past conditioning and beliefs that would have you focus on the need for security and stability. When you do what you love and love what you do, it is no longer work. It is joy, bliss and fulfilment. Yet what you seek is bliss, joy and fulfilment as well as financial reward. Work with your angels and guides to manifest what you ‘really want’ the harmony of both energies for both are spiritual in their own way. The you can literally have your cake and eat it too!

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