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Spiritual Mastery Series 2022


New Series of LIVE Intermediate Workshops for 2022

A New and Engaging Series of Intermediate Spiritual Growth
Workshops for those Who Want to Accelerate their Progress

  • Are you wanting to develop greater trust in your spiritual guidance?

  • Would you like to help more people in an even greater way?

  • Like an environment where you can practice, improve and develop your gift?

In this exciting new series of Intermediate Level workshops we will be working to help you connect more deeply with your insight, wisdom and connection to higher guidance so you can feel more confident, empowered and trusting of your spiritual gifts.

Together we will explore how to work your energy, connect with higher consciousness and open your channel to receive profound and sacred insight and healing, so you can help yourself, your family and loved ones, and others. Most of all you will learn how to use spiritual tools and mediums to gather, interpret and share your gift in a more confident, trusting and empowered way. 

At the Heart of this Series You Will ...
  • Learn to step more fully into your spiritual power & purpose

  • Discover how to work with energy & accentuate your gifts

  • Develop greater confidence and certainty in your readings

  • Learn to expand your repertoire of spiritual tools

  • Deepen your connection to your guides, teachers & masters

  • Expand your ability to embody healing for yourself & others

  • Open your channel to more sacred and profound insight

  • Get to practice and refine your gifts in a safe environment

  • Learn spiritual practices for expanding your gift

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Join Us for 3 x LIVE Empowering Workshops this Spring

Spring is the perfect time to step into new energy and work on awakening your unique spiritual gifts and connection to your intuition, sacred guidance and higher-self wisdom. Here's some of what we'll be sharing ...

Who is this Series for?

This series of classes is for Intermediate Level students who have been on a path of self-growth and spiritual development for at least 12 months.


It's also for those students who are:

  • Wanting to develop greater confidence in their intuitive and psychic gifts

  • Looking to connect more deeply with their spiritual gifts and further develop their sensing, reading and healing potential

  • Longing to connect more intimately with their spiritual guidance, insight and wisdom in order to help themselves and others

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Why a New LIVE Workshop Series?

Over the last 2 years we've run many classes online as we've attempted to navigate the challenging path that has been Covid and working through lockdowns.

However, many of our students have been craving again for personal contact and to learn within a LIVE group environment that enables us to:

  • Work deeper on developing each students innate abilities & gifts

  • Build the energy of a LIVE group of people that long to grow

  • Include group and paired exercises that improve your practice

  • Create a safe environment to teach, evolve, expand and grow

Workshop Series Details

When:     Saturday 10th Sep; 8th Oct; 5th Nov

Time:       11.30am - 2pm

Duration:  3 workshop sessions 

Where:      Ananda Yoga Studio
               1681 Burwood Highway, Belgrave


  • Attend ALL 3 workshops for just $145
    (sales of workshop package now closed)

  • Casually for $55 per workshop + booking fee

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Register and Reserve Your Place via Eventbrite
Spiritual Mastery Series 2022

Like to attend these classes? Click on the button below to register your place and receive your single session workshop ticket via Eventbrite. Please note tickets will include an additional credit card and booking fee of $4.11 that will be added to your payment at the checkout.

  • What are the benefits of becoming a member?
    As a paid Ascension Path member of the Flame of Eternal Light and Telos Open Circle you'll receive exclusive member access to a range of both online and offline classes, sessions, events, workshops and socials. Best of all, you'll get access to a separate members area with audio and video resources, community connection with other like-minded spirited travellers, as well as discounts on many live in-person classes, workshops and events.
  • How is membership billed?
    Paid membership is billed monthly by direct debit from your nominated debit or credit card.
  • What if I don't have access to a debit or credit card?
    Feel free to contact or speak to us and we can provide you with the details of our bank account so you can make a direct electronic funds transfer to our account at the start of each month. If paying by bank transfer it is up to participants to ensure that their payments remain current in order to continue receiving access to the program.
  • Can I stop or cancel my membership?
    Membership is paid on a month-to-month basis and there are no ongoing contracts or commitments. This means that you can always cancel your membership at any time through the members area. Please note: There are no refunds provided for cancelling your membership half way through a billing cycle (a month). (If you have any trouble cancelling your membership through the members area then please make sure to contact us directly so we can process your cancellation manually.)

About Your Teachers

Flame of Light Ela 300 Circle_Clear.png

Ela Lawrentjew

Seichim and Reiki Master, Trance Medium,
Spiritual Healer, Reader and Teacher

Ela is a spiritual teacher, healer, counselor, Seichim and Reiki master, psychic medium and trance channeler with a passion for helping people awaken and discover their inner-most gifts.


Tel: 0402 102 110    

Flame of Light Les 300 Circle_clear.png

Les Price

Transformational Coach, Energy Healer,
Spiritual Medium and Soul Guide

Les is a transformational coach, author, speaker, medium and intuitive who has been helping people discover and connect with their unique soul purpose and life path for over 20 years.


Tel: 0414 298 203  

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